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Founder, CEO
Hopeton Scott, EA, MBA

Hopeton Scott is the company’s founder and lead interviewer in all tax resolution cases. As an IRS Enrolled Agent and a holder of an MBA in finance, he possesses many years of experience working in the financial, insurance and retirement planning industry. He is highly trained to negotiate with people in immensely powerful positions and still advocate for his clients. The firm’s success rate is well over 80%, most of which can be attributed to his hard work and tenacious work habits.

What We Stand For
Our Mission

“Bad things happen to good people” – it is for this reason we created BACK TAX PROBLEM SOLVERS. So, if you have outstanding taxes (back tax) with the IRS and/or your state, we are here to help you. Back Tax Problem Solvers take a consultative approach to tax resolution. We first get an understanding of your current tax debt situation, get you into compliance, if necessary, and then structure the best resolution allowed by law. The mission of Back Tax Problem Solvers is to help taxpayers understand their legal rights and obligations when they have a back tax problem.

Our Vision

Tax debt can be a serious burden and can limits one’s ability to do a number of very important things such as borrow money at the best rate, have a good marriage, sleep well at night, and get or keep a job. It is our vision that if you owe tax, there is no need for you to carry these burdens on your shoulders for long. Let the professionals at Back Tax Problem Solvers help you. We employ proven legal strategies to help you eliminate your back tax problems once and for all.

We relieve our clients’ stress of owing tax debt and dealing with the IRS by holding their hand through the process of resolution.

We focus on the IRS.You focus on you.

Back Tax Problem Solvers puts experts to work for you to solve your tax problems quickly and affordably. Our team provides affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who, for whatever reason, find themselves at odds with the IRS or state department of taxation. Our experienced staff will represent you in front of the IRS or state department of taxation, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. You will never have to speak to an IRS agent.

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